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Cats are mischievous creatures with playful behavior and they often get into silly situations that make them look stupid or pull stupid-looking faces. On the other hand, there are cats that plainly ‘look stupid’ to us because of their appearance, and their appearance ONLY. We never considered them ‘stupid’ and we definitely shouldn’t. Why?

silly looking cat

Firstly some of the cats we consider ‘stupid looking’ actually suffer from a genetic flaw or mutation. Secondly, because these ‘stupid looking’ felines offered us a great source of entertainment with a vast selection of memes all over the internet. And thirdly, just a cat’s kind of breed can make them look funny, stupid, or unusual to us. For all these reasons, we should worship cats even more than we already are and give them the appreciation they deserve. 

In this article, we came up with a top of “stupid-looking” cat breeds based on their looks and a top of ‘stupid cat’ breeds based on their personality traits, all according to human standards of stupidity, and of course with no offense to the majestic feline breeds whatsoever!

Top 9 “stupid-looking” cat breeds

This list is set by particular aspect characteristics of a breed that gives a cat a “stupid-looking” appearance.

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1. Persian

Persian cat

This exquisite longhair breed made it first for having dumb looks because of a round face, large eyes set wide apart, and a short muzzle. Persians have the aspect of a squished-in face with a flat nose and chubby cheeks, and that makes them look stupid to the human eye.  

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2. Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair cat

Developed from the Persian breed as its short hair version, the Exotic Shorthair meets all the characteristics of a Persian strain, including the pushed-in face, big eyes, short muzzle, and personality, lacking only the long fur coat, which makes them easier to care for. 

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3. Siamese

Siamese cat

Although considered the most intelligent cat breed, Siamese cats can look like dumb-dumbs to us because of their predisposition to be born with strabismus or “crossed eyes”. The original Siamese breed had to cross their eyes to see straight, and they were all born with it. 

Did you know?
Other felines can also develop strabismus with a nerve injury or poor eye muscle control. This condition is very common in cats and does not affect their normal life or their level of intelligence.
cross eyes cat
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4. Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is a breed developed from the Siamese intended to inherit their personality traits and the triangular form of the head, elongated bodies, and almond-shaped eyes, but displaying in comparison with the Siamese significantly large pointed ears

How Dobby got his name
dobby thatsmeow
The Oriental Shorthair cats resemble in appearance the magical elf creature from Harry Potter named Dobby, and that’s how my furbaby got his name, as he took a while to grow into his big ears, but he is not an actual pedigree cat, just a street rescue.
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5. Munchkins – Dwarf cats

munchkin cat

Even though they are overly cute and do not look stupid at all, the Munchkins made it on our list because they are considered to be the original breed of dwarf cats. They may look stupid when walking as they do not possess the feline grace of a normal-legged cat. Munchkins, also named Sausage cats, have very short legs, a longer spine, and a fine rounded body. This genetic mutation is called dwarfism, and in combination with other breeds or other mutations gave birth to a whole new definition of “stupid-looking” kitties. 

Between the breeds considered dwarf cats you can also find The Dwelf ( a mix of Munchkin, American Curl, and the Sphynx), The Minuet – formerly known as Napoleon- (a mix of Munchkin and Persian), The Skookum ( Munchkin and LaPerm mix), The Bambino (Munchkin and Sphynx), The Kinkalow (a breed mix of American fold and Munchkin), The Minskin ( cross-bred from Munchkin and Burmese, Sphynx and Devon Rex) and The Genetta ( new breed still in development from crossing Savannahs, SBT Bengals, and Munchkins)

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Famous cats with dwarfism [click to expand]

Tardar Sauce, aka The Grumpy Cat, was a mixed breed defined by feline dwarfism and an underbite that gave him an always grumpy expression. He became a very popular internet meme source due to his funny-looking appearance and very cynical images were created with his grumpy expression. Sadly, The Grumpy Cat was taken away from us in May 2019, after 7 years of life. Lil Bub was a perma-kitten that suffered from extreme feline dwarfism displaying a smaller lower jaw and limbs than the rest of his body, and several other genetic mutations like extra digits (toes). Because of the smaller lower jaw, his tongue was always hanging out, making him look dumb. Lil Bub was also an international meme star, where his appearance led to creating memes with captions targeting dumb things or dumb behavior, but at the same time, he was a symbol of unconditional love. Regrettably, Lil Bub was also taken from us in December 2019, aged eight years old, marking 2019 as the end of an era in the cat meme world
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6. Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian levkoi kitten

The outbred cat has a unique appearance resembling a dog with big inward folded ears and not-so-wide almond-shaped eyes. It was bred from a hairless Donskoy female and a Scottish Fold male. They also have little to no hair on their slender muscular body.

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7. The Lykoi 

Lykoi cat

The breed Lykoi came from a gene naturally found in feral cats that makes the cats look like a ‘werewolf’. They can have a full coat or partially missing hair that grows back depending on the season, giving them a werewolf-looking appearance

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8. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold

Coming back to rounded cute faces with big eyes, we included the Scottish Fold in the ‘stupid looking’ cat breeds because of their folded ears gene mutation that gives them an owl-like appearance. Also, the way they like to sit on their bum resting their paws on their belly, just like humans, doesn’t display too much brilliance.  

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9. Highlander 

highlander cat breed

Originally known as the Highlander Lynx, because of his appearance and short bobtail, the trait that gives Highlander cats a dumb look is their upright curled ears with a slight turn backward. The specific curl of their eras allows them to have a very curious or shocked look. Also, they can be born with polydactyl paws.   

Do you want to find out which are the rarest cat breeds in the World? Click on the picture below!

rare cat breeds
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Top 7 “Stupid” Cat Breeds 

This list of dumb cats is classified by their personality traits and behavior. A cat’s level of stupidity can apparently be defined by its overall social behavior and incapacity to act how we expect them to. What a shocker! In other words, their intelligence level is measured by their lack of trainability and sociability; the lazier and not bothered the cat is, the dumber she is considered to be.

Since we are on the behavior topic a little bit, check out our article about Cats and Mirrors, where cats scratching or pawing at mirrors is considered annoying and bad behavior.

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1. Persian

Persian cat

Once again the Persians make it as the head of a stupid cat breed list, and this time it’s not their looks but their overall laid-back attitude. Although they are extremely affectionate and sweet cats, Persians are considered a bit slow and do not express curiosity. They love to lay around and they are not demanding constant attention. In other words, they can’t be bothered with your shit and definitely don’t care if you think they are the number one dumb cat breed out there. 

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2. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthair

As we learned in the previous list, being a short-haired Persian sub-breed, The Exotic Shorthair inherited the Persian traits. Even though they are also very peaceful, they are known to be a bit more funny and active than their Persian parents and remain more playful over time. 

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3. Himalayan

himalayan cat

The Himalayan is a Persian and Siamese mixed breed, that features the dark-coated extremities and blue eyes looks of the Siamese cats, but rather than that they are identical to the Persians, which means they are also considered dumb. Himalayans are sweet and calm breeds, they crave attention and love to be groomed, but most of the time like to be admired from afar. 

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4. Ragdoll

ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats seem to have the looks but not the smarts. Considered gentle giants, these cats are adaptable, docile, sweet, and very friendly with anybody that interacts with them. They suffer from a lack of attention and love cuddles being known for letting themselves be petted by anyone who picks them up.

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5. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

Talking about cattitude, the American Shorthair even if known as rodent hunters and agile cats, American Shorthairs are probably the reason why Mary Bly said “Dogs come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you later”. These cats are very easygoing and don’t quite register what is happening around them, showing minimum interest in listening to human commands.

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6. Birman

birman cat

Birmans are people-orientated cats, bred to be loving companions, they are friendly, and curious but also docile. They would prefer to chill rather than learn tricks. They are observers that don’t demand attention, and their curiosity and tendency to get stuck in places put them in the dumb criteria. 

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7. Snowshoe

Snowshoe cat

Snowshoes can be trained to walk on a leash or do tricks but they just don’t care about it. Altho highly social with the tendency to choose a person and stick with them, Snowshoes are a mischievous and free-spirited breed considered dumb because they are headstrong stubborn, and not very obedient. 

Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.

Mark Twain

Many felines are funny-looking and give you the impression that they lack ‘the smarts’. Either that’s how their general breed looks like or they have been born special, but just to be clear that doesn’t make them any less of a perfect cat! They may have small folded ears, or ears too big for their head, small legs as intended by their breed, or be born with dwarfism, crossed eyes, or an underbite, and just by having your first glimpse at them may stir laughter in you. Cats can be goofy and cute, and we love them no matter how they look or behave like.

The intelligence of a cat can be affected by many factors, but usually, when we look for a smart cat we want it to be somewhat like a dog, to listen to our commands, learn tricks and follow us around. Cats are more like Zen Masters, minding their own business and choosing selective love and interaction with people. 

cat wink
Dot is pulling a “stupid -looking ” face too

Please let us know how charmingly dumb your kitty can be in the comments below, and feel free to show us too even if they just pose a funny face and they were not born with it.

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